• Carbonear Man Profile Photo - Samson41ma
    Samson41ma Male, 26, Carbonear

    I am Single and will be divorced soon.. I am here for Buddy whom I can love!.

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  • Carbonear Woman Profile Photo - Yasmine55mu
    Yasmine55mu Female, 36, Carbonear

    I am a Engineer You might have seen me in web series..

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  • Carbonear Dating Guy Profile Photo - Norvin51ka
    Norvin51ka Male, 24, Carbonear

    I am looking for New People who can keep me happy. I am single Life is a mess at present. Lokking for a chilled out and sorted person..

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  • Carbonear Woman Profile Photo - Valora70pa
    Valora70pa Female, 27, Carbonear

    I am looking for Romance who respects my space..

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  • Carbonear Dating Guy Profile Photo - Stu60bo
    Stu60bo Male, 22, Carbonear

    I Drink often I think it's not that bad.. I am a Guy who believes in a balanced life..

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  • Carbonear Woman Profile Photo - Adriananew320
    Adriananew320 Female, 30, Carbonear

    I am a Physiotherapist by choice. It's not like I couldn't score enough for MBBS..

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  • Carbonear Man Profile Photo - Reynard58si
    Reynard58si Male, 36, Carbonear

    I'm Vegan and I'm proud of it.. I am a actor I am surrounded by show offs. Please be real..

    Single Dating Man

  • Carbonear Dating Guy Profile Photo - Zebulon5ka
    Zebulon5ka Male, 21, Carbonear

    I Drink often Weekends are my occasion.. I am single I don't know whose fault was it. Don't ask stupid questions..

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  • Carbonear Woman Profile Photo - Simran30du
    Simran30du Female, 37, Carbonear

    I Regularly smoke, bad habits from office breaks..

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  • Carbonear Man Profile Photo - Rudolph61se
    Rudolph61se Male, 34, Carbonear

    I am Single and tired of single life.. I am looking for Flirting to enjoy my life to the fullest.

    Male looking for Female

  • Carbonear Woman Profile Photo - Sherri39ra
    Sherri39ra Female, 28, Carbonear

    Looking forward to meet you and tell my friends about your dumbness..

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  • Carbonear Man Profile Photo - Ishmael81ba
    Ishmael81ba Male, 38, Carbonear

    I am here for Casual Dating Someone who would join me in adventure trips.. I am a Gemini Let's start the date with a candle light dinner and end it by waking up somewhere on the mountain top!.

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