• Altona Man Profile Photo - Klay10ra
    Klay10ra Male, 37, Altona

    I am a Man who loves surfing. I Don't smoke smoke. I will quit before it takes a toll on my health..

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  • Altona Woman Profile Photo - Elvena88pe
    Elvena88pe Female, 34, Altona

    I Sometimes because it is injurious to health..

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  • Altona Man Profile Photo - Abrasha20pa
    Abrasha20pa Male, 30, Altona

    I am Eggetarian It keeps me fit.. I am a Man apparently..

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  • Altona Woman Profile Photo - Ella5na
    Ella5na Female, 35, Altona

    I am Divorced and don't wanna stay the same forever..

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  • Altona Man Profile Photo - Rutger2bo
    Rutger2bo Male, 37, Altona

    I am a Man who is crazy about music.. I am Vegetarian because I love nature too much..

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  • Altona Woman Profile Photo - Camille1be
    Camille1be Female, 34, Altona

    I Regularly smoke, just when am stressed too much.

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  • Altona Man Profile Photo - Silas10at
    Silas10at Male, 40, Altona

    I am Vegan I live a healthy life..

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  • Altona Dating Guy Profile Photo - Kristopher24va
    Kristopher24va Male, 21, Altona

    I am a actor I don't know why the P is silent.. I am single , do you have something which can change that?.

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  • Altona Woman Profile Photo - Romy13ga
    Romy13ga Female, 27, Altona

    I am a Women who loves cricket!.

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  • Altona Dating Guy Profile Photo - Addison9dh
    Addison9dh Male, 23, Altona

    I am a Gemini and I have a lot of mood swings.. I do not drink because it makes me do things I regret..

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  • Altona Dating Girl Profile Photo - Edwina92ch
    Edwina92ch Female, 18, Altona

    I need someone to protect me like Joey protected his sandwich..

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  • Altona Man Profile Photo - Sam93ja
    Sam93ja Male, 29, Altona

    I am looking for Flirting Only match if we are in sync here.. I'm an hair stylist and in love with it..

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