• Alida Man Profile Photo - Wakely54us
    Wakely54us Male, 35, Alida

    I am here for Casual Dating Wouldn't it be cool if our lust turns in to love?. I am Widowed and looking to get remarried..

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  • Alida Woman Profile Photo - Polikwaptiwa78go
    Polikwaptiwa78go Female, 32, Alida

    I Drink I live life on my own terms..

    Female Looking for Male

  • Alida Dating Guy Profile Photo - Emrick5wa
    Emrick5wa Male, 22, Alida

    I Sometimes smoke, I am planning to cut it though.. I'm Eggetarian It saves me a lot of money actually..

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  • Alida Dating Girl Profile Photo - Ellane31se
    Ellane31se Female, 22, Alida

    Tu kar aitbaar mera, mai karun intezaar tera..

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  • Alida Dating Guy Profile Photo - Braydon54wa
    Braydon54wa Male, 25, Alida

    I Do not drink , only in office parties..

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  • Alida Woman Profile Photo - Ondine96bh
    Ondine96bh Female, 26, Alida

    I am unfortunately Widowed Moving forward. One step at a time..

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  • Alida Man Profile Photo - Gladwin30de
    Gladwin30de Male, 34, Alida

    I Sometimes Because there's no stress in the world which whiskey won't cure.. I Drink often I think it's not that bad..

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  • Alida Dating Girl Profile Photo - Derran30du
    Derran30du Female, 21, Alida

    Take me to your favourite bar..

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  • Alida Dating Guy Profile Photo - Abbey83ag
    Abbey83ag Male, 23, Alida

    I am a Physiotherapist Yes, the boring kind.. I am a Guy and looking for an emotional connection..

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  • Alida Dating Girl Profile Photo - Maude52sa
    Maude52sa Female, 18, Alida

    I am single Can you change that?.

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  • Alida Man Profile Photo - Nicodemus79ra
    Nicodemus79ra Male, 33, Alida

    I Sometimes smoke, I hope you don't have a problem with that.. I am here for Match and much more....

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  • Alida Woman Profile Photo - Ryan74va
    Ryan74va Female, 35, Alida

    I Drink often because no good story starts with 'So this one time I was having a salad...'.

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