• Airdrie Man Profile Photo - Dustin21so
    Dustin21so Male, 26, Airdrie

    I Drink because I am selfish and wants to live longer.. I am a actor It helps me fulfilling my travel goals..

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Hellena44at
    Hellena44at Female, 34, Airdrie

    I am a Women and I love playing snooker..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Airdrie Man Profile Photo - Seven95re
    Seven95re Male, 28, Airdrie

    I love Vegetarian and I'm proud of it.. I Don't smoke smoke. Once in a blue moon..

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  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Philberta55pa
    Philberta55pa Female, 28, Airdrie

    I am Vegan It's a healthy lifestyle..

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  • Airdrie Man Profile Photo - Prosper11go
    Prosper11go Male, 35, Airdrie

    I am here for Soulmate because life's too short to be serious. I love Eggetarian Nope, I have no sympathy for that poor chicken..

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  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Krystal45ja
    Krystal45ja Female, 30, Airdrie

    I am not on cocaine. I am naturally energetic. Just thought of letting you know..

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  • Airdrie Dating Guy Profile Photo - Vinson27ha
    Vinson27ha Male, 24, Airdrie

    I Do not drink because I am selfish and wants to live longer.. I am here for Dating because life's too short to fall in love with just one person..

    Guy Looking for Women

  • Airdrie Man Profile Photo - Cartwright59sr
    Cartwright59sr Male, 29, Airdrie

    I do not drink I do enough embarrassing stuff without it.. I am Widowed and open to all possibilities..

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  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Georgiana67pa
    Georgiana67pa Female, 34, Airdrie

    I am here for Flirting who is ambitious..

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  • Airdrie Man Profile Photo - Sanborn52sh
    Sanborn52sh Male, 39, Airdrie

    I am a lawyer , let me check your heart.. I am Single Let's connect and know more..

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  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Gilana7gu
    Gilana7gu Female, 40, Airdrie

    I am looking for Buddy Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date..

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  • Airdrie Man Profile Photo - Darton87ja
    Darton87ja Male, 38, Airdrie

    I am a Bachelors and I am working on my own app.. I am a Cancer which makes me an optimistic person..

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