•  Dating Male Profile Photo - Jaron52ma
    Jaron52ma Male, 38, Canada

    I am looking for Activity Partner Someone who is something more than just horny.. I am a Psychologist Be aware..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Marsh79sa
    Marsh79sa Male, 21, Canada

    I am single and waiting for the Knight in the shining armour. A normal black perfect fit suit would also work..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Blemnn
    Blemnn Male, 18, Canada

    I am a scientist I am surrounded by show offs. Please be real.. I am a Guy who is energetic 24x7.

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Ellene27va
    Ellene27va Female, 26, Canada

    I am Widowed and looking for a good company.. I've pursued Diploma in English. Finally I know the difference between then and than.. I Don't smoke Can't stand smokers..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Diana383
    Diana383 Female, 38, Canada

    I am looking for Flirting to chill out during our free time. I completed my Bachelors in Ayurveda. I am old fashioned..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Kodi648
    Kodi648 Male, 30, Canada

    I am Non vegetarian Screw Karma.. I am a Bachelors in Anthropology. It's pretty interesting..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Jeffrey2ag
    Jeffrey2ag Male, 36, Canada

    I completed my Bachelors in Business Administration. I am all about fancy suits..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Diberr
    Diberr Male, 20, Canada

    I am a Virgo and I seek compatibility.. I am looking for Flirting who can understand my emotions.

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Eila834
    Eila834 Female, 30, Canada

    Since I belong to the Gemini , a proud one.. I Drink often Even Tyron Lannister did, and he's alive in a show which kills people like mosquitos.. I am looking for New Friends as I don't know many people here..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Stella5mo
    Stella5mo Female, 19, Canada

    I am here for Flirting Love isn't my strong suit. Lust is.. I Don't smoke smoke weed. Man it takes me to places..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Pascaldh
    Pascaldh Male, 40, Canada

    I am here for Match with all of you beautiful people. I Sometimes smoke. If you're a regular smoker, you're not good for me..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Marcus15ko
    Marcus15ko Male, 28, Canada

    Yes I have beautiful eyes. Come up with something better..