• Canada Man Profile Photo - Bruno66ma
    Bruno66ma Male, 39, Canada

    I am here for Romance Let's see how it goes?. I am a dietitian Someone out there who is interested in me and not in my DSLR?.

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  • Canada Woman Profile Photo - Darlene26pa
    Darlene26pa Female, 38, Canada

    I am a Sagittarius family and I love the brave & bold..

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  • Canada Man Profile Photo - Mitchell86be
    Mitchell86be Male, 33, Canada

    I Regularly smoke. Because once a moron told me it's cool.. I Do not drink It's all under control..

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  • Canada Dating Girl Profile Photo - Maji70gi
    Maji70gi Female, 23, Canada

    I am a Gemini so try not to screw with me..

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  • Canada Man Profile Photo - Sascha74sh
    Sascha74sh Male, 39, Canada

    I am looking for Activity Partner if you're a good wingman.. I Drink occasionally It's not my cup of tea..

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  • Canada Woman Profile Photo - Abisha506
    Abisha506 Female, 38, Canada

    I am Divorced because I've had terrible experience before..

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  • Canada Man Profile Photo - Lord73da
    Lord73da Male, 32, Canada

    I Drink occasionally and spread wisdom..

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  • Canada Woman Profile Photo - Livia78ka
    Livia78ka Female, 28, Canada

    Do not ask the meaning of my name..

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  • Canada Man Profile Photo - Arnaud38kh
    Arnaud38kh Male, 27, Canada

    I love Vegetarian I don't eat beef though.. I am a Man who can crack a joke or two..

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  • Canada Woman Profile Photo - Donna49pr
    Donna49pr Female, 37, Canada

    I am here for Internet Buddies Someone who's as bad a dancer as me..

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  • Canada Dating Guy Profile Photo - Jamarcus6wa
    Jamarcus6wa Male, 23, Canada

    I have done my Masters in Speech Language & Audiology.. My star sign is Capricorn I am independent and ambitious in nature..

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  • Canada Man Profile Photo - Jerrod88th
    Jerrod88th Male, 38, Canada

    I am a bartender No, I don't know Arijit Singh..

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