•  Dating Male Profile Photo - Mats967
    Mats967 Male, 36, Canberra

    I am Non vegetarian because my family has stupid beliefs..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Manos946
    Manos946 Male, 26, Canberra

    I am Single Get over it. I have..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Norm56
    Norm56 Male, 19, Canberra

    I am here for Buddy Someone who can listen without throwing stupid advice.. I don't want to be depressed being single I had my reasons.. I am here for Partner whom I can manipulate easily. (devil face smiley).

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Ayako912
    Ayako912 Female, 27, Canberra

    I Don't smoke I am going to give you regular lectures if you do.. I am a Women , don't be a sexist..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Danielle75so
    Danielle75so Female, 27, Canberra

    I am a Women and an interesting one.. I have done my Bachelors in arts and guess what, literature is fun!.

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Francis341
    Francis341 Male, 22, Canberra

    I am single , which means, I am single again. ;). I love Non vegetarian because I don't like meat..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Declan371
    Declan371 Male, 21, Canberra

    I'm Vegetarian because my family has stupid beliefs..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Cuma73be
    Cuma73be Male, 40, Canberra

    I Don't smoke Because there's no stress in the world which whiskey won't cure.. I am a Pisces I like to achieve whatever I dream of.. I'm Vegetarian I live a healthy life..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Galdy
    Galdy Female, 35, Canberra

    I am looking for Soulmate who respects my space.. I am a Women who is looking for true friends. I Drink Will you judge me based on it?.

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Debbi49ka
    Debbi49ka Female, 24, Canberra

    I am an Gemini Loyal, analytical & practical.. I am Vegan No, I don't even eat gravy..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Delio382
    Delio382 Male, 29, Canberra

    I am a consultant and I post pictures of food. Helps me get free food.. I have done my Doctorate in Medicine. It's the best one can achieve..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Nardo62an
    Nardo62an Male, 39, Canberra

    I am Single It has taught me to judge a character well..