• Brisbane Man Profile Photo - Jari93bi
    Jari93bi Male, 31, Brisbane

    I am here for Flirting who respects my space.. I Drink often I like its taste. My ex made me like bitter things..

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  • Brisbane Dating Girl Profile Photo - Ava72tr
    Ava72tr Female, 19, Brisbane

    I am single Don't judge..

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  • Brisbane Man Profile Photo - Jamy31so
    Jamy31so Male, 35, Brisbane

    I am a Man who believes in miracles.. I am looking for Romance Because everything else is just boring!.

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  • Brisbane Woman Profile Photo - Taiya425
    Taiya425 Female, 38, Brisbane

    I Drink because I can..

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  • Brisbane Dating Guy Profile Photo - Neville19me
    Neville19me Male, 25, Brisbane

    I completed my Doctorate in Mental Retardation. Do you need me?. I am a Guy and looking for a gym buddy..

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  • Brisbane Woman Profile Photo - Bliss1za
    Bliss1za Female, 37, Brisbane

    I Regularly Now this is a cool thing..

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  • Brisbane Man Profile Photo - Tavan208
    Tavan208 Male, 30, Brisbane

    I am a Gemini Friendship is everything to me.. I completed my Diploma in economics. Now I can say our country in fucked up..

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  • Brisbane Woman Profile Photo - Siya64us
    Siya64us Female, 27, Brisbane

    I'm Eggetarian I love my mom's food and she doesn't cook anything which has blood in it..

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  • Brisbane Man Profile Photo - Isaac66sh
    Isaac66sh Male, 28, Brisbane

    I am a Virgo I am passionate, brave but stubborn at times.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship Don't be judgemental..

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  • Brisbane Dating Girl Profile Photo - Tove10ve
    Tove10ve Female, 25, Brisbane

    My star sign is Gemini community, I prefer loyalty and hard work over all other things.

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  • Brisbane Man Profile Photo - Dias532
    Dias532 Male, 29, Brisbane

    I am a interior designer Learning never stops. (Sigh!). I am here for Casual Dating Here for kicks..

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  • Brisbane Dating Girl Profile Photo - Gamma42ro
    Gamma42ro Female, 24, Brisbane

    I Regularly smoke, bad habits from office breaks..

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