• Australia Dating Guy Profile Photo - Oriel56ch
    Oriel56ch Male, 19, Australia

    I am a Guy looking for an adventure.. I Don't smoke smoke. I know I won't get addicted to it..

    Male looking for Female

  • Australia Woman Profile Photo - Akina90pa
    Akina90pa Female, 31, Australia

    I am looking for Love who is a fitness enthusiast..

    Single Dating Woman

  • Australia Dating Guy Profile Photo - Manar68ma
    Manar68ma Male, 21, Australia

    I Sometimes smoke. And I don't want to hear any lectures..

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  • Australia Dating Girl Profile Photo - Saida46va
    Saida46va Female, 24, Australia

    I've pursued Masters in Fine Arts. What is life without art?.

    Single Dating Girl

  • Australia Man Profile Photo - Patsy78ko
    Patsy78ko Male, 31, Australia

    I am here for Love Someone who can make the first move.. I am a actor I don't have the answer to 'What has happened to Journalism?'.

    Man Looking for Dating

  • Australia Dating Girl Profile Photo - Gi45ah
    Gi45ah Female, 23, Australia

    Take me to your favourite place and let's talk!.

    Female Seeking Male

  • Australia Man Profile Photo - Daren95gr
    Daren95gr Male, 31, Australia

    I love Eggetarian but am strictly against non-veg. I Drink It makes people interesting..

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  • Australia Woman Profile Photo - Hannan917
    Hannan917 Female, 35, Australia

    I Do not drink because it makes me do things I regret..

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  • Australia Dating Guy Profile Photo - Shadd548
    Shadd548 Male, 20, Australia

    I am single and it's fun!. Being an Virgo which makes me a life savior often..

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  • Australia Dating Girl Profile Photo - Gamze41sa
    Gamze41sa Female, 19, Australia

    Humour and wit is a turn on. If I notice that in your profile, I'll ask you out myself..

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  • Australia Man Profile Photo - Telmo269
    Telmo269 Male, 26, Australia

    I've pursued Masters and a stable job is all I need. I am unfortunately Divorced I don't know whose fault was it. Don't ask stupid questions..

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  • Australia Woman Profile Photo - Ppaj
    Ppaj Female, 28, Australia

    I Drink often why shouldn't I?.

    Female Looking for Male